The Kayak

Living life in a wheelchair makes Teresa feel helpless and trapped. She spends her whole year looking forward to her familyís summer camping trips to Georgian Bay, where she spends as much time as possible in her kayak. Teresa loves kayaking. On the water, she is brave, strong, and unstoppable. She lives for the rush of freedom as she paddles away from shore, leaving her overbearing parents, her annoying little sister, and her typical teenage stresses far behind. But Teresaís favourite thing about kayaking is that it has nothing at all to do with her wheelchair.

One day, while Teresa enjoys a peaceful afternoon paddle, a sudden storm churns up the water. As the storm picks up, she notices a windsurfer in the distance and realizes that heís in trouble and itís up to her to rescue him. Teresa didnít expect that saving Jamie would change her life forever, but as the summer goes on, their relationship grows. She learns to overcome her on-land insecurities and to try new things. In the midst of her changing world, she learns that things arenít always as they seem, and that beneath the surface lurk unknown forces that threaten to sweep her away.

Recommended by the CCBC's (Canadian Children's      Book Centre) Book News- for reading for the
     2012 Summer Olympic Sports.

The Canadian Children's Book Centre 30+       recommended new books for 2010

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      Year's Best 2010, Fiction Grades 7-12

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